Femmingo dresses are made from our exclusive, body shaping fabric. The fabric is specially manufactured for the Femmingo brand. It's designed to sculpt your body and give you that hourglass figure in seconds. Women all over the world are going crazy about the quality and lifetime of our products. Our dresses will shape your body and hide love handles, like shapewear. The Femmingo Fabric is similar to fabric used for bandage dresses but it's heavy weighted and from high quality.

While some bandage dresses are bodycon, not all bandage dresses will actually hug your curves and give you that snatched waist. At Femmingo we made it our life goal to invent the best material for a woman's body and curves and after 3 years we cracked the code. Shop your Femmingo dress now, we're sure you'll enjoy her for many years.


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